Turn Back While You Can

Welcome to the worst website to ever exist. It's mainly just a portfolio of whatever I decide to make because sometimes people show some slight interest in the things that I create. I'm warning you right now, it's all shitposts and bad memes.

Feel free to download anything and share and/or edit however you please. I would appreciate if you credit me or link the website but honestly you can just use any of my """content""" to your hearts content.

What's new?

March 10th 2020 - Fixed the links page. I guess I now have a complete website. Hopefully I can add more in the future.

March 7th 2020 - Added the videos page. Not much to see, unless you REALLY like watching short videos.

March 5th 2020 - Added some pictures to the art page.

March 4th 2020 - Website is currently in developent. Will probably be published tomorrow or Friday.